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Automotive Engine Oils

Visco 5000: Premium full synthetic lubricant for use where the very highest level of performance is required.


  •  Visco 5000 exceeds the requirements of all major automobile manufacturers and international standards.
  • API: SL/CF
  •  SAE: 5W-40

 Visco 2000 Thermal Guard:

A supper high technology multi grade engine oil specially designed for use in all passenger car engines including gasoline, diesel and turbo charged units.


  • API: SL
  • SAE: 20W-50

BP Vanellus C6 Global: 

Premium quality versatile diesel engine oil


It is multi grade heavy-duty “universal “ engine oil that exceeds the performance requirements of naturally aspired, turbo charged and supercharged diesel and of gasoline engines performing under a wide variety of service conditions.

Features and benefits

Vanellus C6 Global has been designed using advanced technology additives and specially selected base fluids to provide real user benefits such as:

  • Superior sludge and soot handling
  • Optimum bore polish and wear control
  • Engine cleanliness
  • Extended drain
  • Grade rationalization
  • Oil consumption control excellent soot handling capability


  • API: CH-4/CG-4/SJ
  • SAE: 15W-40

Transmission Fluids

Energear Hypo: high performance, extreme pressure transmission fluid meeting the API GL-5 performance requirement.


  • API GL-5
  • MIL-L-210B, C and D
  • SAE 80W-90, 85W-140, 90

Autran DX III: Automatic transmission fluid for modern automatic gear boxes and other power transmission systems.

BP Super Disc Brake Fluid:

Synthetic brake fluid, DOT 4 It is an advanced synthetic fluid for use in modern brakes and hydraulic clutch release systems.


  • SAE J 1703
  • DOT 4

Hydraulic Fluids

Energol HLP-Z: Hydraulic oil.


ISO: 46, 68


Energrease L2 and L3: high-quality lithium base greases.

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