Mission Statement

The mission of YBP is to:

  • contribute to the development of the country by providing quality and efficient petroleum products distribution services;
  • provide efficient, high quality value adding services combined with the highest ethical, safety and environmental standards locally;
  • bring the distribution services of petroleum products to the international standard;
  • strive to operate at all times in a responsible manner which means fair and honest treatment of all those with whom the company deals, including customers, officials, employees and the general public; and
  • provide conducive working atmosphere and opportunity for creativity and growth for employees of the company; to encourage each employee to develop his abilities to his fullest capacity.



The specific objectives of the company are to:

  • provide to the customers of petroleum products distribution services that are to the standards attained by well-rated countries;
  • support the development and growth of the national economy through the establishment of efficient and responsible distribution network for petroleum products;
  • capture 10% to 15% market share of the petroleum distribution market, in the first two years;
  • increase the distribution network of the company through rational use of resources and introduction of modern and efficient operation systems; 
  •  provide stable employment to its workers; and
  • generate a return on investment that will allow a reasonable dividend to the shareholders as well as ensure continued growth of the company.
  • Management and organization.